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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For Triplets . . .

When my facebook friends heard about my new tiny twin nieces, they came out in full force with words of encouragement. One even found some hand-me-down preemie clothes for the little ones (who knew preemie clothes were so hard to find?!?). To thank the woman who is donating clothing that belonged to her triplets, I've made a set of booties for them!
For a boy . . .
For another boy . . .

And for her girl!

awww . . . I can just imagine all those little feet . . . man, that's a lot of baby! Thank you!

The Whale Beanie

I've had an idea to put a whale on a sun hat, and i got the perfect opportunity to practce my whale stitching skills on this custom order!
The whale has a hand stitched grin, eye, and spout of water.
Light blue with white stripe and edging to add interest to the body of the hat.

Thanks for having me make this, Meagan!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Etsy Sweethearts - Wee Bee Uniques by Julie

Remember I told you I'd been the lucky recipient of some unexpected and very sweet gifts from my new friends? Well, Julie of Wee Bee Uniques had me pick out a couple favorites from her shop as a gift to Big Mac! She also sent shedding snakes for Crazy Pants, but he must love them a lot because he hid them from me and won't let me take a picture. lol! Here's my baby in his brown bear hat with orange stripes . . .
This is only his fourth or fifth time trying on a hat, so forgive the confused expression!
And this is the photo prop hat we picked. Isn't it sooooo cute? Big Mac has an extraordinary noggin (96th percentile!) and my hubby loves these hats so much, he told me not to hand them down to another baby, but keep them for the next. He's a fan of Julie's now for sure!

You can check out Julie's work on facebook:
Or on Etsy:
Please do drop by! She does amazing work and is so very kind!