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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Agasunset Studio - Weekend Wonder

Did you think I forgot? Nah, just busy with custom orders . . . (Thank you! Love the custom orders!) . . . so here is this weekend's big find . . .
Agasunset Studio on Etsy
This shop is about tatting . . . . but this is NOT your grandmother's stuffy lace collar tatting . . . this is, well, amazing. And since tatting is very nearly a lost art, its great that someone is making amazing, updated items in using the art form! She even has tutorials on her blog! And yep, I have her blog in the list on the right hand side of the page.

First favorite is this very pretty black necklace . . .
She has lots of necklace options in her shop and some are pretty white bridal pieces. Others feature pretty beads worked right into the piece!

If you're not sure you're ready to go with a full-on necklace, she sells pendants as wll, which would be pretty on a ribbon or chain . . . or both, if you're so inclined.

Ok, now this next favorite is a little, well, unexpected. If you think the work is gorgeous and a little racy, then you'll be a fan of the next item I've decided to feature . . . tatted panties. For real. Don't think your grandma ever made those!
See? SO much prettier than polyester from Victoria's Secret. Take that, bridal shower!
So visit her shop, leave some hearts, and purchase the item you adore the most!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chewlry - Weekend Wonder

For this week's weekend wonder, I was tweeting away with chewlry about life, Etsy, and Craftgawker when I clicked on her newest listing. Not only is her candy-colored jewelry good enough to eat, she's local! She lives just 20 minutes from me! So, here's where to go to find her shop: http://chewlry.etsy.com

First favorite - this pretty necklace called High Tide . . . . reminds me of growing up by the beach in Washington state!

Next up - earrings! I don't have pierced ears for allergy reasons, so sometimes I miss out on all the pretty options. Here's my favorite pair from Chewlry - Athena.

This is my favorite thing in her whole shop - the disarm necklace! I don't know exactly what specifically makes me love it, but I love it!

So go check out her shop! Its the last day of her Sprink Break sale, coincidentally, so if you're in love, click quick!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Babies Everywhere!

There are an impressive number of new additions coming to my extended family this summer and fall. I'm first - due in early June with my second boy, and then we've got another boy coming in June, 2 boys in July, a baby in August, twins in September (if she can keep them in that long!), baby in October, and two in November. Wow! So, all this babiness warrants some off Etsy projects for my cousins and sister in laws! Of course, should you fall in love, I'll be happy to make something and put it on Etsy for you. :o)

First up are big brother, little brother Raiders inspired hats for my cousin.
The black one is for a 7 year old and the grey for a 6 month old.

Next, my sister's best friend (and cousin's wife!) lives just 5 minutes away and is just 4 weeks behind me. We even go to the same clinics and have our appoinments usually a half hour apart. Its been fun to be pregnant at the same time. She choose the colors for her sweater.
Its a 6 month size and very warm and chunky, as its pretty tough still to find chocolate baby yarn. Even though it is SO CUTE!

The caterpillar hat was a surprise extra. I LOVE caterpillar hats.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Custom Sweater Set

I am one lucky crafter! A sweet fellow Etsian asked me to make a sweater set for her one year old, similar to the one in my shop. We choose a pink and lavender theme with white accents. It turned out so precious!
The set includes a matching sweater and hat with a rose that can button onto either piece. I really like the fan stitch I use in the girl version of the sweater.

The back of the sweater . . .
The sweater with the rose on it from the front . . .
And the cute hat with the rose on it!

Thanks for having me make this! I really enjoyed doing it and can't wait for it to get to you! Be sure to check out HER cute shop at http://tutubugs.etsy.com .

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sarah's Stitches - Weekend Wonder

YES! The Weekend Wonders are back! Did you miss me last weekend? I missed doing the entry too! But the giveaway was pretty fun. ;)

I became a fan of Sarah's Stitches on Facebook after she became a fan of my shop's page and I have been kind of obsessed with some of her listings! First thing's first, though . . . let's give you the link to her shop:

Ok, now, those of you who know me know that this laptop cover isn't 100% my style, but I know a few of you would LOVE this crazy jungle cat print. Are you ready? Ok . . . look!
Here is what I LOVE about these . . . I have a toddler. A laptop sleeve would keep the laptop much safer in the event of him standing on it, trying to open it, or eating swedish fish in the same room as it. Don't ask. I think this funky print is super fun and it's my favorite sleeve in her shop right now.

Ok, here's the listing I'm in love with . . . . Isn't this bag GORGEOUS?!? I love it! You know how I feel about buttons too. (If you're not sure, search my shop for the term button . . . they're on so many things!)

And, as if that weren't tempting enough . . . you can buy a matching checkbook cover! I'll admit, I'm not a checkbook carrying gal, but I could totally stow the few cards I need in here and some cash . . . . if I kept any on me. ;)

So do show Sarah some love! She's only a few months into her Etsy journey, so be sure to go and at least heart your favorite so she knows which items we love. Thanks for weekend wondering with me! I'll feature another shop next weekend . . . maybe yours?