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Friday, March 19, 2010

Babies Everywhere!

There are an impressive number of new additions coming to my extended family this summer and fall. I'm first - due in early June with my second boy, and then we've got another boy coming in June, 2 boys in July, a baby in August, twins in September (if she can keep them in that long!), baby in October, and two in November. Wow! So, all this babiness warrants some off Etsy projects for my cousins and sister in laws! Of course, should you fall in love, I'll be happy to make something and put it on Etsy for you. :o)

First up are big brother, little brother Raiders inspired hats for my cousin.
The black one is for a 7 year old and the grey for a 6 month old.

Next, my sister's best friend (and cousin's wife!) lives just 5 minutes away and is just 4 weeks behind me. We even go to the same clinics and have our appoinments usually a half hour apart. Its been fun to be pregnant at the same time. She choose the colors for her sweater.
Its a 6 month size and very warm and chunky, as its pretty tough still to find chocolate baby yarn. Even though it is SO CUTE!

The caterpillar hat was a surprise extra. I LOVE caterpillar hats.

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