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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ladybug MANIA

Somewhere along the line, I must have developed some sort of ladybug obsession. It all started when I had an idea to make a ladybug hat, in my pre-Etsy existance. I made it and had no one to give it to . . . my child is a boy! So, I learned about Etsy, tried it out, and promptly sold said hat to a photographer.
I think the ladybug thing stems from my love of red and black polka dots. If you find me a red polka dot dress, its all I can do to ask permission from the budget before diving in!
A few days ago, I noticed something about my shop.
This hat, which would fit an elementary school student is on clearnace, actually. The listing expires in just over a week (on ultrasound day!).
I'd been planing on making ladybug hairties for awhile (I've already done bumblebee ones) and got them in on Monday, I think.

And today I added the bag . . .
So if you know a polka dot or ladybug fanatic, send 'em my way . . . . I'll have what they want! lol!
If they're what you want . . . . the 14% off anything/24% off $20 or more sale continues till Valentines Day! ;)

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