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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Month to Go!

My official due date is June 12 . . . one month to go! I'm so excited! This post will fill you in on how I'll keep shop while I'm in the hospital, and how you can expect things to change when I bring my new baby home!
Will Mo and Ozzy on Etsy be put in vacation mode? No. I need to be distracted as I near my due date or I go to the hospital and get sent home a lot. :) It will stay open because I probably won't want to jump on the computer real quick before getting in the car to go to the hospital and have my baby.
What if I purchase something, custom order something, or convo you about my order while you're in the hospital? I'll only be in the hospital 3 days. I'll get back to you as soon as I get out! If I get too bored, I might even get back to you while I'm still there!
I've been planning to custom order something. Am I too late? No, but the sooner the better! If I'm working on your order and go into labor, your order will take longer than usual.
Will you take custom orders still after you have the baby? Yes. The time table will be different, though. Now I can complete a custom order in 2 days to a week at the most. After the baby comes, you should expect most custom orders to take one to two weeks.
How will your Etsy shop be different after the baby is born? You may notice a decrease in the number of new items added to the shop, since I'll be busy with twice the number of boys I had before!
How long after you have the baby will it be before you can ship out orders? If the item is ready to ship, it will still go out ASAP. I will have lots of helpers at my house who can run packages to the post office for me.

If you have other questions, please comment and I'll answer them for you. Thanks for the kind wishes and support!


  1. Sounds like you have everything under control. Best wishes!

  2. You are so great Monica! Enjoy your boys! Good luck :)