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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Etsy Baby Shower!

Those of you who see my posts on Facebook may have heard about Etsy Baby Shower. Its a fun little, well, baby shower for Etsy users! If you use Etsy, are expecting, and have made at least 5 Etsy purchases, you can recieve 4 baby gifts from participating Etsy sellers with big hearts and talented hands! I am one of the summer recipients. I got some amazing items I plan to photograph and blog, and will do so after baby arrives! (More fun to have pictures with baby in them!) I also decided to be a participating shop and offered to do two baby gifts. I got assigned to give two gifts, one for a boy, one for a girl, for a momma to be of TWINS! I've been crazy busy filling orders before baby, but she's been so sweet and patient and the hats are done! I just need to package them up and take them to the box. Here's what they look like!
They're both 100% cotton sun hats and slightly smaller than my standard newborn size (becuase twins are tiny when they make their appearance!) but they should fit the babies for 3 months or more. Crochet stretches. :)
This is the boy one . . . . it's bright blue with a verigates yellow, blue, and green band with green borders.
Up close shot of the visor part. :)
Here is the girl hat! I used the same green for borders because I wanted them to "go together" without being too matchy. This one is bright pink with a pink, orange, yellow, and green band. I also added a yellow flower and ruffle brim.

These were so fun to plan and make! If you're interested in being a recipient or participating shop for Etsy Baby Shower, check out http://etsybabyshower.blogspot.com . It is so fun!

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