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Sunday, May 15, 2011

If life gives you crazy yarn . . . .

HAS IT BEEN 5 MONTHS?!?!  Sorry about that!  With Crazy Pants having autism and that hitting our little family like a hurricane, I just had to let some things go so that I could focus on getting back up and being proactive about helping him.  Sorry for the lack of posts.  Please love me anyway.  ;) 

ANYWAY, my mother-in-law invited me to a zumba class she takes with her sisters, daughters, a niece, some friends and my hubby made me go.  "Honey, its LIKE twitter and facebook, but its REAL LIFE!"  So off I went and it was actually really fun (and pretty darn hillarious).  I guess the trend in zumba right now is to add in some belly dancing moves, complete with the jingly hip scarves.  They're fun and all, and I have a couple coming, but they're just slave labor, really and that kinda breaks my heart.  So I checked Etsy for bellydancing hip scarves and found like, 10.  Some were just reselling the slave labor chiffon numbers (shame on you!) and others were really just scarves you *could* use as a hip scarf and none really suited me. 

I was at BigLots during my "mom break" yesterday and found yarn there.  Pretty, sparkly, barbie color yarn.  But I couldn't use it for a hat because of its ribbon-like qualities.  So I bought it anyway.  Because I'm like that with yarn.  And played with it last night and came up with this: 
(Excuse the thighs . . . I'm working on them, ok?  I've only been to a couple classes . . . )  Anyhow.  Its not really the finished product yet.  Today I ordered some jingly jangly gold coins to thread up and hang.   They'll be around the edge of the V and in the large open diamonds, ends of the ties and tassel . . . it'll be fab.  
 See?  Just imagine all the little jingly coins in the open bits.  CUTE! 
 I did the top kinda fun . . . added in some shells. 
This is the yarn.  It feels like velvet and has gold, sparkly squares in it.  (Hence, the gold coins.)  I have enough of this exact yarn to do another and some light pink for one more.  I also have some recycled sari silk I want to try out.  But it is not cheap big lots yarn and would be pricey.  I'm thinking the ones with the big lots yarn I'd charge about $20 for.  Cute, right?  (and yes, you can claim this one and I'll list it for you as reserved after I get the coins and add them.)  Crazy Pants just waked in with an armful of toilet paper, so that's my cue to go parent.  Nice seeing you all again!

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