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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Toasted Coconut - Weekend Wonder

I really am trying to get back into the blogging groove!  Today is Sunday so let's do a Weekend Wonder post!  (I'm trying to feature an Etsy shop each weekend who has drool-worthy creations.)  This weekend, I've been crushing on The Toasted Coconut.  Etsy is getting SO BIG now that I often find new favorites based not so much on browsing, as recommendations from friends and fellow creative minds.  I discovered The Toasted Coconut on Twitter when my sister in law tweeted that she'd been to the farmer's market and fallen for this Etsy shop!  I LOVE finding funny connections like that.  So I clicked the link and picked some favorites that have been calling to me from my favorites page all week!  Who says potatos are the only yummy things that come from Idaho?!?!  (Oh, and also Farr's . . . . delish!)  Ok, on with the show! 

How adorable is this necklace?!?!  I started whining in my head when I saw it.  ("I neeeeeeed it!") 
And you know how homesick I can be for my damp, seaside childhood in Washington, so of couse, I also "neeeeeeeeed"ed the anchor pin.  
So, Stop by The Toasted Coconut for some crush-worthy, affordable adorable-ness!  <3 

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