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Friday, February 26, 2010

Cosmojinx Designs - Weekend Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if these weekly posts will get less interesting after I have this baby . . . I'm so excited about these switchplate covers! I know, switchplate covers, really? Can't help it. I heart them, so meet Cosmojinx Designs
This shop is based in Seattle, so maybe that's why this first favorite calls my name. How cute are these raindrops?!?!
I love the addition of the little jewels and beads . . . so unique!

Here's another favorite. I love these little fawns. Wouldn't they be cute for a kid's room?

I thought this mod pink and bronze one was really pretty.
Best of all - you get something so pretty and VERY competitvely priced if you were considering some of the more attractive ones at the hardware store. She includes the screws and this project is so simple, most boyfriends and husbands will tackle it. Sweet!
Side note - I'll be announcing a giveaway tomorrow and to keep that at the top of the list, there will be no weekend wonder next weekend. They'll resume the weekend following. Thanks!

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  1. Another great shop! I had no idea that someone could turn ordinary switchplates into little works of art. So cool!