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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Underground Crochet - a project NOT headed to Etsy!

Here they are! The sweaters I made for my baby boys! This one is Marshall's. It is a 2T size. I like that you don't have to stitch the pieces together - no scratchy seams!

These are the pictures I like best - the big brother and baby brother sweaters together!
I made Malcom's sweater a 3-6 month size. The arms may be a little long (Marshall has monkey arms like grandpa!), but it looks really cute with the sleeves cuffed, so I don't mind that.
Malcom's baby boy sweater. I made it a 3-6 month size because I'm due in June and summers are too hot for sweaters in Utah. Hopefully I sized everything so the boys can wear their sweaters together in October/November. :)
As I've mentioned before, I used a pattern I found for free from Bunny Hop yarn - but the pattern was pretty bad. Lots of mistakes and if I'd followed it, I would have gotten some strange pieces! If you want the pattern, let me know. I'll write you a revised version. I'm considering adding a few patterns to my Etsy shop and this would be good practice! I'm also considering messing with the pattern some more (so as not to cause copyright issues and increase the cuteness) and listing a couple in the shop. Do you think people would like it? I have some girl yarn that would be cute and the other baby I'm making one for is a boy! Thanks for taking a look! I'll post pictures of my monsters in them in the fall!

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