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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Essie Designs - Weekend Wonder!

Ok, so this shop is very successful and has had a lot of sales, so I promise to feature more of an undiscovered talent next week, but I couldn't resist! Maybe its the pregnancy, but I ADORE this stuff and find it SUPER reasonable . . . .So check it out!

Essie Designs is really Becky from Fresno, California. She loves her some fabric and works hard to make affordable, super nice things for the new mommy! And let me tell ya, that new mommy with her unwashed hair and smudgy mascara could really use some pretty in her day! I've so been there . . . .

So, lets look at a few of my favorites. First up, this "Wet Bag" or waterproof bag. Yeah, the moms have already come up with about 50 uses for this thing, and the best part? Its PRETTY! She has lots of really gorgeous fabrics to choose from!

Another very important item - the nursing cover. I'm a breastfeeding supporter for sure, but I'm not comfortable showing off so much, so when in public, these come in handy! I like nursing covers better than blankets becuase my kid would always pull them down. This lets light in AND even allowes for you to have some eye contact with that cute little bundle. I love, love, love the assortment of pretty fabrics too!
And if your baby does not love the tummy time . . . or you're chasing the other kids . . . or just would love the use of both hands, baby wearing is a very popular option. More pretty fabrics and reversable too, these slings are so affordable. I know, I've shopped!
So, if you're expecting, expecting to be expecting, or know someone who has a new little one, you should SO check out this shop! Got my wish list started already!

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