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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Posy Moe - Weekend Wonder!

I discovered this shop, Posy Moe http://posymoe.etsy.com when they started to follow me on twitter. I confess, I don't click every link to every new item, but since I'm expecting, I was curious about the Pippa Slippers . . . . and here they are! So cute!
I knew this shop had to be a feature on my blog one of these days! Here's a little background. A momma, her three daughters, and the momma's friend, a jewelry designer, all contribute to this shop . . . so its like a mini craft fair inside the ginormous craft fair that is Etsy.com. Now, before you all decide to run screaming from my blog full of baby stuff, lets show you a pretty for grown ups, shall we?
They carry a few bags and clutches in this felted series, but I L O V E the tote bag. I think it is simple, bright, and happy. Don't you think about spring when you look at it?
I do!

Now, some of you may think I'm just into cheap yarn because there is so much acrylic and cotton in my shop. Well, a couple reasons for that. One, its a safe bet for kids who may be allergic to other fibers, but mostly reason two. It is SO BEAUTIFUL and my shop isn't to the point yet that I can indulge in stacks of hand spun or hand painted lovliness. Here is a sample of some hand painted merino in Peppermint that I think is so pretty!

They even have a blog, so I'll add that to my list of crafty blogs right away so you can see the pretty there too!

*Feeling left out? Just let me know in the comments that you're dreaming of a blog feature and I'll be sure to look at your shop and consider it too. Thanks!

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