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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


When I started using Etsy, I wasn't in the know about ANYTHING, really, so I would list a bunch of hats all at once. I've learned that listing one a day is better for getting traffic to the site, but for now, this means when I have an item nearing the expire date, I have a lot of them expiring the same day! In theory, I can just relist these, but man, I can't ever do it. I usually want to take better pictures and re-write descriptions and more . . . so if anyone has had their eye on these items, you can get them for 25% off the original price and save me the re-writing! ;)
I made this pair of hats when I was just starting to use Etsy. The dark blue one is sized for daddy and the light blue one for his favorite little buddy.


This camo hat is a men's size. My hubby still has one I made for him a few years ago. He loves it. My brother still wears his I made for him like, 5 years ago! I should really make him a new one.


And I did this long spiral hairtie from some extra adorable yarn I had just a bit of. Your little girl could wear this with just about everything!

Like I said, a ton of clearance!


  1. I really get ticked when an item sits in my shop for 4 months, then I sell it the day I relist it. LOL
    Sometimes if a hat doesn't sell, I make a small collection of them and send them to Halos of Hope. I do relist a lot of my stuff, but things that I feel won't sell get donated. Just a thought.
    Best wishes!

  2. I have a few I'll be taking out of the shop this weekend to send to a local charity. Just ones that don't seem to fit my asthetic. :)