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Friday, February 5, 2010

Waiting their Turn . . .

I'm pretty sure (barring insanity stemming from the actions of my toddler) this clutch will list today. I LOVE the peacock blue color. This fan stitch is one of my favorites, so I was excited to use it on SOMETHING for the shop.

I think this is funny. Its a little girl headband for the not-so-girly girl - a blue fuzzy caterpillar. I taught second grade for awhile, so I know those girls are out there! Love them some creepy crawlies!

A pretty sun hat. I noticed a lot of boy hats lately, so here's a girl one. I also noticed my shop is a little low in the baby section, so it fits 3 or 4 to 12 months. As with all sun hats, its cotton so it won't be too warm.

Yesterday I made this mini clutch. It is much smaller than the blue and purple clutches, but still a nice size. The three red buttons are my favorite part. I just love buttons!

These little pretties will be finding their way into my Etsy shop over the next week or so.

Oh, and after the ultrasound today I'll be sure to let you know all the details!

I almost forgot! I made it into a treasury full of my EtsyFAST friends! It should be up for a few days and you can see it here: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=85883

Don't forget about Weekend Wonders - new post tomorrow!

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